Silver Shark (Kinsmen, #2)

Silver Shark - Ilona Andrews In general I'm not a big fan of novellas as I like a little more meat to my stories but with Ilona Andrews as the author I am always assured of a great story regardless of the length. This story is no different. Even at less than 100 pages the world building is detailed, the characters have depth, the story is intense and the plot moves along in a logical way. And amazingly enough the story doesn't have a rushed feel. By necessity things happen quickly but you never feel as if things are happening too fast.

I really liked Claire and felt for her situation. She has been a psychic warrior for years and when the war abruptly ends, she has to completely hide her abilities in order to survive. When she is deported to another planet, her psychic abilities would get her killed so she must continue to hide herself behind a bland exterior hoping for anonymity. When she is employed by gorgeous Venturo Escara as a personal assistant, Claire realizes that hiding behind her facade is going to be more difficult than she thought.