Bitter Blood - Rachel Caine WOW. At first I was thinking here we go again. I always have that feeling of doom when I start one of these books. To me it's like Claire, Michael, Eve and Shane can never catch a break. It's always one thing after the other with no pause to even catch a breath. This one starts out that way as well but as usual, it's all pulled together into a cohesive story that just blows me away. I loved this one and though I'm glad the series is coming to an end, I'll be sad when the final book is finished.

I've always liked Myrnin and enjoyed seeing events unfold from his perspective. And boy that Naomi is something else but at least she gets what she deserved (or at least I imagine she did). Of course I have issues with Amelie but I guess that's expected considering the circumstances. Those poor Glass kids have lots to fix and I'm not sure that Claire and Shane departing is going to be the answer but I guess we'll see how Ms. Caine messes with them and Morganville in the next book.