Scarlet Nights - Jude Deveraux I don't know why I'm in the minority on this entire series but I really like it. I love the characters (the main characters and all the supporting characters too). They are all just quirky and fun to hang around with. In this one I particularly liked Mike though I admit that Sarah was a little TSTL in the beginning. I can never figure out why smart women do stupid things or allow men to force them to do stupid things. Her entire relationship with Greg Anders made absolutely no sense. Anyway, I liked how not-so-handsome Mike with the unbelievably sexy body basically swept Sarah off her feet (after he annoyed the hell out of her of course!)

The plot is a good one. An undercover cop who just happens to have a sister (Tess) living in Edilean where a con artist and her son are playing out another con. The cops know where Mitzi is but not what she wants in backwater Edilean. Mike's task is to figure out exactly what Sarah Shaw has that this diabolical duo wants and of course, to save the girl. The mystery and Mike's unreal athletic abilities kept me turning pages. I love me some Scots so when the kilt went on, I was there waiting for the games to commence. Another good read from Ms. Deveraux. I will definitely return to Edilean Virginia. Hmm I wonder which one of those quirky females will be the next heroine...Ariel maybe?