Faerie Tales - Martin H. Greenberg, Russell Davis, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, John Helfer, Tanya Huff, Wen Spencer, Adam Stemple, Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, Jane Lindskold, Michelle Sagara West, Charles de Lint, Sarah A. Hoyt, Tim Waggoner, Jim Fiscus, Janet Pack I needed a non-fiction book from each of the major Dewey Decimal classifications and this is the only one I could stomach from the 800-899 - LITERATURE classification. Unfortunately there wasn't anything special about it. All the stories have been told hundreds of times and nothing in this anthology stood out as new and different. I usually use anthologies to test or weed out authors I haven't read before. I found a few I would try again but for the most part, these aren't authors that stand out from the herd.

Sweet Forget-Me-Not - Charles de Lint. A cute story about bullying and the fairies that saved him. (I would read this author again.) ★★★

The September People - Tim Waggoner. A rather boring tale of an old woman's journey to recreate an event in her childhood. The story bounced back and forth between past and present without warning so it was hard to follow and confusing. (This is not an author I would try again.) ★★

Judgment - Kristine Rusch. I found this one to be very boring but that could just be because I hate anything to do with Nazi's and this was set during the Nuremberg Trials. There should have been a way to make it more exciting but that wasn't done. (This is not an author I would try again.) ★

Changeling - John Helfers. A changeling story with heart. Poor Trent knew he didn't belong there but how to get home again. Now that was the question. I liked this one and would have enjoyed a longer story. (I would read this author again.) ★★★★

Yellow Tide Foam - Sarah Hoyt. An okay story until the end which really didn't fit the main characters personality and seemed forced. (I might read this author again.) ★★★

He Said, Sidhe Said - Tanya Huff. I usually love Tanya Huff's writing style but this wasn't anything special. A typical Queen of the Fairies story with nothing new or different. ★★★

A Very Special Relativity - Jim Fiscus. An interesting blend of science fiction and fairies which was amusing but confusing as well. The instant deals made weren't believable but with the length of the story I guess it wasn't easy to make it so. (I would read this author again.) ★★★

Witches'-Broom Apple Soon - Jane Lindskold. I didn't understand the point of this story. It was just too confusing and not enough details were given to explain what was going on and why and the ending was lame and didn't finish the story. (I might read this author again.) ★★

Wyvern - Wen Spencer. Here's one I thought I would really like as I love dragons but alas it was just mediocre. (I might try this author again.) ★★★

A Piece of Flesh - Adam Stemple. A good changeling horror story with a surprise ending. Though I felt the introduction of the German teacher was rather abrupt and not explained enough. (I might try this author again.) ★★★★

The Filial Fiddler - Elizabeth Scarborough. I did not like this one as it was confusing and didn't really make any sense. (This is not an author I would try again.) ★

The Stolen Child - Michelle West. This is an author I've read before and liked her books but eventually gave up on her Chronicles of Elantra series as the books became unbelievable confusing and difficult to figure out what the heck was going on and why. This story was the same. I guess Ms. West and I must part company forever. ★