Ink Flamingos - Karen E. Olson I've said it before and I'll say it again...I love this series! Brett Kavanaugh owns The Painted Lady, a high-class tattoo shop in Las Vegas. I love Brett but I also really like her cohorts Bitzy, Joel and Jeff. I also like her long-suffering brother (the cop) who puts up with Brett's interference in his cases. In this one, a famous client is found murdered and Brett is the prime suspect. Of course, she's vowed to stop investigating but she just can't help herself and once again finds herself in the middle of everything with police scrutiny on one side and rabid fans on the other. Oh I guess I should tell you that someone is setting her up to take the fall for the murder in various and interesting ways. This is one that kept me turning pages. Though I figured out part of the mystery, I was surprised by the ending.

I'm so sad. I just heard that this is the last in the series. I'm going to miss Brett and her gang and her love life was just getting interesting. Darn!