Written in Red - Anne Bishop This was rather different than anything else I've read. Ms. Bishop took werewolves, bird shifters, cat shifters, mythological beings, vampires, clairvoyants, elementals and twisted them all together and spit them out in a totally new way. I absolutely loved this book!

Our heroine Meg Corbyn, was raised in a lab and knows about things through movie images and picture books though only to be able to interpret her own prophecies. You can't explain what you see if you don't know what things are. So when cs759 (Meg Corbyn) escapes it's like a time traveler has arrived from the planet Ork as she knows things like a car (but can't drive), a wave oven (but not how to use it), a laundromat (but not how to operate it) etc. Luckily she learns fast and is able to fool the inhabitants of the Others realm she has accidentally entered.

The Others (Terra Indigene) populated Namid (the earth) before the humans and ultimately rule giving the humans little land and less privileges. Kind of like what North America did to the Native American Indians putting them in reservations surrounded by whites. The humans are terrified of the Others and for the most part behave themselves. Though all bets are off if they enter the Others' lands without permission.

I liked how the Others rallied around Meg who was different from them but also not quite human. She smelled different and acted different which confused them but in a good way. Simon Wolfgard was the first to encounter her and as such became her protector and friend. I can't wait to see how this relationship develops as it's not accepted that an Other would have a real relationship with a human. But then again Meg isn't really a human either. Hmmm definitely interesting.