Hunting Eve - Iris Johansen I've always enjoyed Eve Duncan and her exploits but this latest "trilogy" is really stretching it. This isn't a story that required 1054 pages to tell (#1 339; #2 400; #3 416). It just felt as if the author let the publishers dictate how this story should play out. A whole lot of the story was repetitive and though I liked the plot itself, I found myself frustrated and thinking "get on with it already". I think this story could have easily been told in one book (450-500 pages) that wouldn't have sacrificed any of the suspense (since for the most part it wasn't exactly suspenseful) or the angst that everyone was feeling. I think putting in all the extra characters helped with little side stories (Caleb and Mark; Kendra Michaels and Margaret; Zander and Stang) which could possibly set up kickoff series but I don't think we needed their input to the degree it was offered. It just made this particular story drag and seem forced at times.

That said, I do love Jane, Eve and Joe. I've also come to really like Zander (and even Stang) and even Caleb and Mark grew on me. I would definitely read any book featuring any of these characters but again I didn't think Eve's story required these drawn out shenanigans hence the 4 stars instead of 5 stars.