Rebel - Zoe Archer In the mountains of Western Canada, Nathan Lesperance is rescued by former Blades of the Rose agent Astrid Bramfield, who after losing her beloved Blades husband Michael, has retreated from life itself. The Heirs of Albion are hot on Nathan's trail and Astrid must once again join the human race and help Nathan escape or flight the Heirs though neither knows why they have targeted Nathan. Of course, the attraction between them was instant and the chemistry is off the charts. Will Nathan be able to pull Astrid back among the living?

This is a rip-roaring adventure in 1875 that has just what you'd expect during that time period, well except for the shape-shifters of course. I love the gadgets the Blades use to defeat the Heirs. Too cool! And I like the fact that the Blades don't always win when facing the Heirs. It just makes it more realistic and provides greater adventures and a more suspenseful experience.