The Red Heart of Jade  - Marjorie M. Liu I've read a couple of Marjorie Liu's books and honestly haven't rated one above three stars (and that was stretching it). Her premises always sound exciting and promise to draw the reader in but they just fail to do that. I find myself drifting off and literally have to force myself to finish her books. I can't pinpoint why this is as she has hunky heroes, kick-ass heroines and great plots so it makes no sense but I guess I just do not like her writing style.

In this one, someone is torching people all over Taipei and Dean Campbell, agent extraordinaire is in Taiwan investigating. Dean is a clairvoyant and his partner, Koni is a bird shifter. As they are investigating, Dean realizes that his long lost (and thought dead) first (and only) lover may mysteriously be alive. So now he's searching on two counts. Looking for Mirabelle Lee and searching for the person (thing?) that is killing people left and right. Sounds interesting...right? Well it totally falls flat and once again, Marjorie Liu just doesn't do it for me.