Master of Darkness - Angela Knight In the final book of the Mageverse series, werewolves William Justice and Miranda Drake have to fulfill a prophecy to defeat Warlock, who just happens to be Miranda's father who has terrorized and abused her for years. So we have daddy issues which correlate to man issues. Justice is also an alpha male who has the potential to be abusive (in Miranda's eyes). I liked this concept (the fact that there was a detriment to the relationship not that Miranda was abused) but I felt that it was resolved to quickly and too easily.

All of Mageverse hasn't been able to defeat Warlock but now Justice and Miranda must decipher the prophecy and get the Mother of all Fairies to help them by providing the magic weapons that will ultimately do the trick. I liked the fact that Justice and Miranda had to "find" the weapons hidden among a ton of other weapons.

I loved the great creatures Warlock created - a seventy foot cobra, a Clydesdale-sized centaur and a dinosaur - to fight King Arthur's vamps and weres. Too cool. I also liked the set up for the next series featuring the fae. I really liked Conal and even the Mother. It should be interesting to see where Ms. Knight takes them.