Citadel - Kate Mosse I really liked the first book, somewhat enjoyed the second but this one is just terrible. I just couldn't get into this book. First of all, I abhor anything to do with WWII and Hitler so this book was especially hard to stomach. The atrocities the Germans perpetuated against everyone (especially the Jews) is just horrifying. I honestly can't imagine what the French (or anyone else for that matter) went through year after year of occupation and war.

Secondly, it was just plain boring and I couldn't connect with any of the characters. There really wasn't any of them who actually stood out from the herd.

Thirdly, there are too many characters and like George R.R. Martin, many characters were referred to by first name, last name or a code name. It as extremely confusing as to who was who.

I felt that 696 pages was just too many to tell this particular story. At points, it just rambled with no forward momentum. And the whole Codex thing from 342 AD was boring. We get that he traveled far and wide to leave the darn thing in Carcassonne. Alright already, for Pete's sake, get on with it. Heck for MY sake!