The Last Boyfriend (Inn BoonsBoro Trilogy #2) - Nora Roberts I loved the First Boyfriend/Last Boyfriend concept. What a great idea for a romance novel and I felt that Nora Roberts did it justice. Since it isn't the romance of the century Ms. Roberts didn't play it that way. Just the boy next door who was the girl next doors instant love. With the "I'm gonna marry him one day" thing going on, it just flowed for me and felt right. I loved that Owen knew without really knowing that Avery was the one and though he didn't actually wait for her, he did know that no one else was the right one. And though Avery was intent on her career (to a crazy degree) and never had time (or made time) for romance, she made time for Owen. So both of them, without even realizing it were always waiting for the other one. To sweet and so romantic.

I'm not much on buildings and/or renovations but I really loved the overhaul of the Inn and the upcoming restaurant - heck even the gym. I can't wait to read Hope and Ryder's story. That is definitely going to be a roller coaster ride to the finish line.