Shades of Midnight - Lara Adrian This book had one thing going for it before I even opened it up - it's set in my favorite place on earth - ALASKA. So knowing I was going to love the setting if nothing else, I started my grisly Alaskan adventure. Well I shouldn't have been surprised that I loved it since I've given 5 stars to 6 of the 7 books I've read in this series. So why has it taken me so long to get back into the series I love, I can only imagine is because #6 (which I read in November 2011) is the one I didn't particularly like so it put me off.

I absolutely loved Kade (no last name)! He was the perfect hero - tough, fierce, 6'5", built like a mountain, dermaglyph tats and of course, emotionally traumatized by his family. What's not to love. His mate, Alaskan bush pilot Alexandra Maguire, was a great heroine too. Of course, she had previous doings with rogue vampires and for obvious reasons was scared to death of them. When she encounters a horrific murder scene reminiscent of her own private nightmare, she is suitably upset and reluctant to discuss said scene. Enter Kade who she has an instant affinity for and vice versa.

Kade is in Alaska to investigate this murder as the Order feels it might be rogue vampires loose in the wilds of Alaska. Unfortunately Kade feels that the killings are being committed by his twin brother, Seth so he investigates alone so he can handle the problem as determined by vampire law. Of course, pilot Alex's skills are required and Kade and Alex subsequently spend lots of time together. The attraction is quick but the romance is sweet. I loved Kade's waffling - I love her but I'm too dangerous for her to be around. Should I or shouldn't I, etc. I was surprised (well not really) by Alex's rapid understanding of the situation and acceptance of vampires in general and Alex's role in particular.

I will definitely be reading more in this series...soon!