Chasing Fire - Nora Roberts Like all Nora Roberts books, this roller coaster grabs you, dips you, sways you and dumps you down a well of emotions, both good and bad. I enjoyed part one, the setup. I never realized the training involved in being an extreme fire fighter. It's amazing what these adrenaline-junkies do to get their crazy on. Wow you truly gotta be nuts to take on that kind of danger. I guess it takes all kinds.

Part two - I enjoyed watching Gull and Rowan fall in love. Now in addition to crazy-ass jumpers we have someone killing people and setting them (and the woods) on fire as coverup. As of this point, a few suspects come to light but no real clues as to the murderous firebug. I have an idea of who the culprit is but no proof just intuition.

Part three brings it all home. Of course, our heroine has to be put into danger (more danger than just smoke jumping). And our hero has to save her from both the fire and the firebug. A truly splendid ending that drew you in and help you captive until the very end.

At times it felt like book two in a series (though it's a stand-alone) as I felt we should already know Lucas' story. Though I did enjoy his romance with Ella Frazier. I also really liked Rowan's reaction to said romance and her emotional turnaround regarding her father and herself.

Nora Roberts rarely (if ever) disappoints and this one is definitely on the plus side. I loved the descriptions of both Montana and Alaska and thought the encounters with the bear were dead on realistic. Thanks Ms. Roberts for another high-flying adventure with a truly romantic hero and a thoroughly unromantic heroine. It's always great to have a different perspective and a complete role reversal.