The Ugly Duchess - Eloisa James I must say that even just a few chapters in I knew this book was going to suck and I really had to force myself to continue reading. As a matter of fact, had I anything else to read, I would have stopped the torture. Unfortunately, I'd left home with only this book in my hand. UGH!

I loved Daisy - she was so playful and yet sarcastic but only with her best bud James. From infancy they were raised as siblings when as a ward, Daisy entered the household. Now after James' father embezzled her inheritance, James is expected to marry "his sister"? He has absolutely zero feelings for her (other than brotherly of course). I just couldn't wrap my head around this concept as it just smacked of incest to me. And when James actually does marry her, the marriage lasts 2 days! Yes I did say 2 days. They were happy, well Daisy was at least while James was playing the game. When Daisy found out the truth and kicked his lying ass to the curb, I thought "You go girl!".

The next half of the book was a huge disappointment (though I did like the piracy sections but then again I've always been partial to pirates). Daisy makes something of herself and finally comes into her own. Until James returns with no remorse whatsoever for treating her the way he did. Heck he doesn't even dwell on the past at all. Just I'm back and you're my wife. WTH? And Daisy held out for a few days and gave in without a fight. Again WTH?

UGH just a terrible book with a frightfully trite and boring ending. It's a good thing I've read and liked other books by Eloisa James or this would be the end of our relationship.