Last Man Standing - Cindy Gerard This is an exciting romantic suspense set in Sierra Leone (West Africa), Washington, D.C. and the wilds of Minnesota. Mean Joe Green is racked with survivors guilt over the death of his friend Bryan (his girl friends brother who was killed on a mission). Of course, big bad Joe thinks he should have been able to save Bryan though that would have been impossible. Regardless Joe cuts all ties with Stephanie (Bryan's sister) and fellow BOIs and heads back to Sierra Leone for revenge and justice. Fortunately for Joe, Stephanie sees through his BS and follows him. Good thing as he's in a nasty prison and getting the crap beat out of him daily. Stephanie hooks up with Suah, a young boy who Joe has twice rescued from danger. Suah has unbelievable connections and at this point the suspense is unreal. Former desk jockey Stephanie, finally finds her calling and comes into her own when Joe is unable to rescue himself.

This is a terrific romance with just the right amount of danger (well maybe a little more than that). It will keep the reader on the edge of their seats, rapidly turning pages to see how Joe and Stephanie (and a few others) anticipate (and defeat) the bad guy. Great book and excellent conclusion to the Black Ops series. I particularly enjoyed the epilogue where we got to revisit all the characters from the first six books and learn about their marital bliss since their adventures ended. This series might be over but I got the distinct impression that a spinoff was in the making. Yay!