Naked Edge - Pamela Clare In this installment, we have adrenaline junkie, rock climber extraordinaire Gabriel "Gabe" Rossiter and Native American journalist Katharine "Kat" James. Kat falls into Gabe's life (literally) and turns everything upside-down. Gabe has a painful past and has sworn off love and marriage but sex? yup that he has lots and lots of with any available woman looking for a good time with no commitment. On the other hand, Kat has old fashioned ideals and is saving herself for her soul mate and marriage. Sounds like two totally different philosophies doesn't it? The journey to their HEA is wonderfully romantic and rather dangerous and exciting.

I loved both Kat and Gabe and felt that Pamela Clare did a terrific job with the cultural elements as well as the suspenseful. This is the first book I've read in the I-Team series (it's #4 not the first) but I never felt lost or confused. Now I have to start on [b:Extreme Exposure|159767|Extreme Exposure (I-Team, #1)|Pamela Clare||154204] and get the complete I-Team experience.