Slow Heat  - Jill Shalvis I pretty much love anything Jill Shalvis writes and [b:Slow Heat|6593585|Slow Heat (Pacific Heat, #2)|Jill Shalvis||6787302] is no different. Wade O'Riley is a great guy hiding behind a playboy image. It's fun to see his softer and more mature side. And Samantha McNead is a super heroine. She's in a male dominated field (public relations specialist in the MLB field) and kicking ass and taking names. She's had a crush on Wade since the infamous events in that elevator in Atlanta and when he starts getting bad publicity (for something he didn't do), Sam jumps in and pretends to be his girlfriend (but oh does she wish it was for real). Slow heat indeed! Things get complicated when Samantha's brother dumps his 10 year old son on her doorstep. Luckily for everyone Sam likes kids and Wade is wonderful with them.

This is a sexy romp through MLB though there isn't any play-by-play scenes. The games are in the periphery with only Wade's at bats featured. I really like this series and find that ball players get a bad rap (though some really do deserve it.) I will definitely keep reading this series (and all others by Ms. Shalvis as well.