Over the Edge - Suzanne Brockmann I've always had a hard time with terrorist plots so I've been leery of reading this series. Every once in a while, I pick one up if I need something set in one of those -stan countries but on the whole, I try to avoid this subject matter. I do find that I really like these characters and am interested in their stories so they remain on my TBR. I always worry that these books are going to go into graphic detail of the terrorists' actions but luckily they never really go too far. Well except for the rape scene which was horrible but again not graphic exactly.

This one is Stan Wolchonok and Teri Howe's story. Thirty-nine year old Stan is the tough-as-nails Senior Chief of SEAL team sixteen who has a way of fixing whatever mess the other guys get into (which is plenty!). Teri is a 28 year old helo pilot who is having sexual harassment issues with a fellow officer. From a previous meeting Stan is already half in love with Teri and when he witnesses something untoward, he steps in and offers his assistance. In his over zealous way, he gets Teri invited on a SEAL training mission which unfortunately turns real when Flight 323 is hijacked out of Athens. Stan, Teri and the entire gang are off to Kazbekistan to negotiate with terrorists. You know there has to be some angst so it shouldn't be a surprise that though Stan is half in love with Teri, he feels that he is too old for her so he spends most of the book pawning her off on his friends (mainly to avoid temptation himself). This got annoying and I was glad when Teri finally took control and put him in his place (in her bed).

The flashbacks were very confusing, at least until I figured out that they actually were flashbacks. Other than the fact that Helga knew Stan's mother, I couldn't figure out the significance of these huge sections. After the first few, I just skimmed over them as it was depressing and totally irrelevant. (Hence the 4 stars and not 5 for this book.)