Enchantment - Orson Scott Card I liked the concept of this book but not the execution which was terrible. Neither Ivan nor Katerina were likable. Heck not one single character was likable - not Ivan's two-dimensional parents, not King Matfei, not Father Lukas, not Brother Sergei, not even Ruth! So first of all there isn't a single person I give a hoot about. And secondly, all the events in the 9th century were tedious, repetitive and just plain boring. Katerina and Ivan hated each other and I mean hated each other. There is simply no way they would fall in love. And nothing Orson Scott Card could write would convince me of that ending. And what a letdown that ending was. What a waste of time reading 400+ pages.

All in all, a rather stuffy retelling of Sleeping Beauty filled with religious fodder that I don't care to have forced down my throat. This will be my last Orson Scott Card novel as I can't stomach anymore of his philosophies.