The Immortal Fire - Anne Ursu This was the weakest of the three books as it's only in the last third of the 500+ page book that Charlotte and Zee actually encounter Zeus and pull it all together. The remainder of the book is Charlotte's parents and Mr. Metos (teacher) calling them children and trying to protect them from danger. Granted our hero and heroine are only 13 but they have already gone up against Hades, Poseidon and Philonecron. Though in all honestly the parents don't know this but Mr. Metos certainly does. I found this rather irritating.

I felt the story really repetitive and again I found the author's writing style (that of detailing what might have happened if so and so did this instead of what actually happened) to be irrelevant to what was actually going on and it didn't add anything to the story except pages. I am not the intended audience (that would be young children) but I guess the repetitiveness and what-if scenarios might keep a child entertained especially if the book was read over a long period of time.