Coyote's Mate - Lora Leigh I had issues with this Breed story. Del-Ray was a real ass. I know he's supposed to be an alpha male but he was more like a teenager abusing his power. Making stupid decisions without thinking through the consequences. Yeah, yeah he was trying to protect Anya but his actions actually put her in more danger not less. And Anya was so strong and determined in the beginning but she morphed into this meek little push-over. It was so out of character and annoying as hell.

And I must say that the sex scenes in Lora Leigh's books are getting redundant and are bordering on rape not love. I'm glad I don't read these books back to back because I'd probably give up this series if I did.

I agree with other reviewers, that Lora Leigh needs to draw this series to a conclusion as she hasn't introduced anything new in the series in quite a while. Oh sure they go from cats to tigers to wolves but they are still fighting the same enemies without results, having massive amounts of sex and the whole mating heat issue. I would think after 18 books, someone would have figured out how the mating heat works by now and developed a cure.