NOS4A2 - Joe Hill This story is amazing but it did have faults. The first third of the book - Victoria McQueen's youth and beginnings with the bridge - was great and really sucked me into the story. However the second third was kind of sloppy and all over the place. Too much happened with too little details - a lot of mentioned, glossed over and forgotten things while the story marched on some place else. Yet the ending was spectacular! Though I could have done without Lou's hooking up with Tabitha mere months after the love of his life died saving his son. It just seemed inappropriate and wrong.

I found myself grinning at inappropriate times at some great musical references (and no I don't mean the darn Christmas music!) Joe Hill gave a few nods to friends and family that the discerning reader will pickup. I thought it was clever and creative to peripherally link father and son in this way. All together a great read with fabulous writing that will definitely keep you flipping pages way past your bedtime.