Fatal Voyage - Kathy Reichs Our intrepid heroine, Dr. Temperance Brennan is once again investigating death. This time an airplane crash in North Carolina carrying 80+ passengers and most of them college students. Strangely enough, Andrew Ryan's partner, Bertran is on the plane escorting a biker prisoner back to Canada so Andrew Ryan is also investigating this particular crash. I really like Andrew Ryan's character and liked the various interactions between Tempe and Andrew though I found her attitude mildly off-putting and angry. I don't recall Andrew actually doing anything to deserve this reaction so I was confused for most of the book. I find Tempe's professional character exacting and exemplary but her personal life is a mess and she's whiny and antagonistic.

Anyway, when Tempe finds a disembodied foot near the crash site, all kinds of shit rains down on her. Her professional ethics are brought into question and she is actually banned from the site. This was in the first 100 pages so I was thinking hmmm what is she going to do for the next 300+ pages? Turns out Tempe is rather like a dog with a bone and this foot intrigues her as it couldn't possibly have come from anyone scheduled to be on that plane. The investigation and eventual reveal is interesting and very disturbing. I found myself cringing at some of it. I liked Sheriff Lucy Crowe and found her to be one of the better characters in the story. And of course, I looooved Boyd! What a sweetie.