Delirium - Lauren Oliver I had issues with this book. I thought the theme was really interesting - love is a disease and must be eradicated with a lobotomy. Neat concept but there wasn't any background to support what happened and why this was necessary for survival. I assume something devastating must have happened to everyone so that they willingly submit (and look forward) to this procedure but the reader needs to know what caused this crazy society in order to get behind the story.

I didn't believe Lena's instant attraction to Alex. I mean we're talking about a month's time frame and she cuckoo over him. Really? Since her mother's suicide, she has always been terrified of love and has actually counted down the days until her procedure. And all of a sudden (heck almost instantly) she's in love with Alex and bucking society. It just didn't ring true.

There were other things too that just didn't have a resolution or were brought up and ignored. Like during the raid when Lena was so horribly bitten by the dog. It took her a while to get there on her bike yet Alex fixes her up and they walk home. WTH? She's got to be limping horribly and the raiding parties are all over the place and yet no one sees them.

The book was much longer than it needed to be and the story was repetitive and redundant. I found myself bored and fighting to keep reading. Honestly the dystopian society didn't scare me or put the fear of God in me or even disgust me (as they usually do). I also couldn't connect with Lena or Alex for that matter. Though I did really like Hana. She had the rebel spirit from the beginning though she loses it in the end which was depressing. Unfortunately, I don't care enough about anyone to continue this series.