Hot Head - Damon Suede O.M.G. That was so hot! but unbearably tender too.

I've never put a picture in a review before but this shot is just soooo Griffin Muir that I couldn't resist stealing it.

Griffin Muir is my kind of hero. A firefighter who is totally in love with his straight best friend and too darn scared to tell him. He's also a very big, Scottish guy with red hair. Yummy! I absolutely loved his devotion to Dante and his self-deprecating ways. He is totally gorgeous and doesn't even know it. How could I not love Griff?

And Dante Anastagio, a loud and sometimes obnoxious Don Juan, screwing everything female in sight. He is a typical guy from a large and loud Italian family that basically adopted Griffin from his loveless family. His best friend and his family mean everything to him. How could I not love Dante?

Together they were smoking hot and oh so romantic. This is one story I won't be forgetting anytime soon. And [b:Hard Head|17856788|Hard Head (Head, #2)|Damon Suede|/assets/nocover/60x80.png|24997355] coming soon...I hope.