The Darkest Edge of Dawn - Kelly Gay ITF agent Charlie Madigan is changing. Into what? Nobody knows. She has tri-racial DNA - human, Elysian and Charbydon and her body is transmogrifying into something completely different. Not only is she still learning about her various powers but she is also dealing with a host of personal and professional problems. Her sister is dealing with an accidental Ash addiction that Charlie feels responsible for. Her daughter suddenly has special powers and is acting out. Her ex-husband's body has been taken over by a revenant and is living in her house. Her siren partner is having issues with his masculinity due to the siren-subduing device attached to his throat. Oh and we must not forget about the sadistic serial killer killing Elysian nobles. Yup Charlie definitely has her hands full this time.

I continue to like the world-building and even though it's similar to other urban fantasy worlds, there is enough differences to keep one flipping pages. We've seen some real growth in the main characters and it'll be interesting to see where Charlie's changes ultimately take her. I will certainly be continuing the series with [b:The Hour of Dust and Ashes|9510753|The Hour of Dust and Ashes (Charlie Madigan, #3)|Kelly Gay||14396500].