Black Dawn - Rachel Caine This story grabbed me from the first chapter. The draugs are some scary ass monsters. Those creatures totally creeped me out and there were actually a few times that I couldn't help the gag reflex. Yuk!

I just love Claire, Shane, Michael and Eve. What absolute love they have for each other. It's nice to read a book where the characters show no jealousy and really and truly care about each other. Even 12 books in and you still feel this in every chapter. I do wish they would just pack the hell up and leave Morganville so they can have just a few minutes of peace and quiet but then I guess the series would be over. Talk about a catch-22.

Usually I have issues with multiple points of view as it usually turns out to be more confusing than helpful but this gave you everyone's perspective of events and not just Claire's. Claire couldn't be everywhere at once so having it from her perspective alone would have been rather limiting. This way worked just perfectly for this creepy installment.