M Is for Malice - Sue Grafton You would think after 13 books featuring the same heroine, the story would be trite, repetitive and formulaic. But surprisingly it is fresh and new. Kinsey Millhone is hired by her cousin Tasha to find a banished heir to the Malek millions, and supposedly disinherited but the will has disappeared. Unfortunately for Guy (the missing heir), his three brothers do not want to share this windfall with the black sheep of the family. Malice ensues and poor Kinsey is stuck in the middle, of course.

I found it interesting that Kinsey opened up to Guy Malek. She is usually pretty emotionless and keeps mostly to herself so it was strange that she instantly liked Guy and was on his side in this battle of brothers. Of course, I still have issues with Grafton's verbal diarrhea. I still don't care what is (or isn't) in Kinsey's refrigerator or where she has to park her car. Other than these minor annoyances, this was a really good addition to the series.