The Trouble with J.J. - Tami Hoag I really enjoyed this book. J.J. was a totally off-the-wall guy who desperately needed someone to take him in hand and curb his individuality or else he might lose his daughter. Luckily Genna Hastings is up to the task of bringing J.J. back down to earth. Unfortunately, J.J. made a terrible first impression on Genna and she is reluctant to get involved but Alyssa is such a sweet child that Genna soon does a 180 and realizes that J.J. is not all that he appears.

How's this for romantic fodder:
She's definitely sticking to her original opinion of him: arrogant, mannerless, macho swine. A gorgeous, sexy, arrogant, mannerless, macho swine. And she was absolutely certain she wanted nothing to do with him. Almost.

This book is just plain fun to read. J.J.'s antics are hilarious and Genna's stark reactions priceless.