The Guardian - Sherrilyn Kenyon I don't know how Ms. Kenyon does it but this series is just amazing! I just finished reading [b:Inferno|13508217|Inferno (Chronicles of Nick, #4)|Sherrilyn Kenyon||19060160] so I loved the references to the Malachai and Ambrose what a great segue.

Here we have Lydia, a dream-hunter who enters Azmodea to rescue Solin and is immediately captured by Seth, Noir's evil guardian. Poor Seth has been tortured for over 4500 years (yeah that's a damn long time). It's no wonder he has trust issues and sex issues. I totally loved how Lydia stands her ground and refuses to give up on Seth. I felt their romance was sort of rushed, I mean he'd been tortured for years and years and rather quickly Lydia brings him around and tames him (well sort of). I'm not complaining as I thought it was horribly romantic and apt.