Payback (Zebra Romance) - Fern Michaels This is the second book in the Sisterhood series, a group of ladies who have been done wrong by the justice system. Each book focuses on one lady and trying to avenge them. Now it's Julia Webster's turn and exacting revenge on her husband, a U.S. Senator whose philandering gave her AIDS. However, Julia's mission is two-fold. She is also determined to make an HMO pay for sentencing their patients to death by denying their claims for treatment.

I enjoyed the story though it is over the top and ridiculous at times (especially the ending). I mean seriously, do they really expect the reader to believe that a US Senator can disappear without a trace and no one will investigate? And the whole sending them to Africa thing was kind of bizarre but clever though I didn't think it was revenge enough for what they had done.

I did like Jack and Mark though Jack was a little over the top too. It will be interesting to see where they take their new agency. I wonder if Nikki and the ladies are going to be able to continue their vigilante activities with Jack and Mark watching their every move.