Deadly Fear - Cynthia Eden This is my first book by Cynthia Eden but it won't be my last. I absolutely loved Monica Davenport and Luke was just a sweetie (well a horndog but a sweetie nonetheless). The stuff that Monica went through as a child were devastating to her and the reader. Boy was some of that hard to read. But Monica is strong and she survived. Oh sure she has issues but honestly who doesn't? I think with what she went through, she was doing damn good. I really liked that Luke kept pushing her to come out of her shell for something other than crazy monkey sex. He also knew when to be supportive and just listen. I think these two make an amazing pair and are a matched set when it comes to FBI agents. Ones strengths compliment the others perfectly.

The mystery was intense as was the suspense especially at the end. Talk about a roller-coaster ride of adrenaline! I was honestly glued to the pages and couldn't have stopped even if the boss had walked in. I will definitely be continuing this Deadly series.