Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye - Victoria Laurie Abby Cooper is a psychic intuitive (well basically a high-end fortune teller). However her intuition is fueled by her spirit guides who send her visions that she must interpret. Usually with something like - I'm feeling something blue is very important to you. Which lets the customer interpret rather than Abby determine what the "feeling" actually means. I admit to getting tired of reading "I'm feeling...". And don't get me started on Eggy and his breakfast every single morning. Don't get me wrong, I'm a pet person but this repetitive sequence really had nothing to do with the story. I also think a lot of space was taken up with the whole friend moving out of state (in the first chapter) so Theresa had no impact in the story so why the full story. Oh well. Other than that I liked this series starter. After their auspicious beginning and their subsequent unfriendly encounters, how are Dutch and Abby going to become a couple? And what's up with Dave? love interest?

Hmm I will definitely be continuing the series. Oh yeah I almost forgot, the mystery of her client was well planned and executed.