Inferno - Sherrilyn Kenyon I'm enjoying the Chronicles of Nick, some more than others. It's fun to see where Nick came from and how he's struggling to outwit his destiny and the whole Malachai thing.

In this one, Nick is faced with a bunch of new problems and is still fighting to remain the cajun charmer that we all know and love. There are tons of things going on with Nick and his destiny. He's broken up with Kody and dating Casey. WTH is with that? Some interesting things become known about Caleb that may turn the tide at some point. Everyone and their mother is now after Nick and he is getting bombarded with information so he can determine a course of action to save himself and his mother. I was shocked when Simi kissed him with such passion. Wow wonder where that is going? And what the heck is up with Bubba? That should be interesting. And are Zarelda and Zavid going to have an impact on Nick's destiny?

And WTH was with the ending? I put the book down and just shook my head to clear that image. UGH! Not sure where where heading next but I really didn't like that ending at all.