Pleasure and Purpose - Megan Hart I'm not much into the whole BDSM thing but I consider this to be light S&M so not so hard to tolerate. The ladies work for the Order of Solace (kind of like a brothel on wheels though don't call them whores). hmm? They are sent out upon request (and great expense) to provide solace and once solace is achieved, they go onto the next job. Unless of course they fall in love and stay with their patron.

I really liked Edward - poor grief-stricken thing that he was. But Stillness' nun-like countenance is in direct contrast with her sexuality. A bizarre dichotomy. I do admit to wanting to slap the crap out of Prince Cillian though but I guess he'll get his in the next story. I enjoyed this and am anxiously awaiting Cillian's comeuppance.

Prince Cillian is much into the whole pleasure and pain thing. Well to be exact, his pleasure and their pain. He's also a tad bit cuckoo. When his "woman" arrives, he is in the playroom disciplining a playmate and is not exactly in his right mind so him and Honestly get off on the wrong foot. And Cillian spends his time acting like a spoiled brat. I liked Honestly perseverance and enjoyed her back-handed way of handling immature Prince Cillian.

I guess you can tell by her name, what her specialty is. Yup just call me Mistress! Alaric, friend to both Edward and Cillian has just lost his lady love (his disciplinarian) and has hit rock bottom. Mina's task is to drag him up from his boot heels and plant his feet firmly on the ground again. I liked her the best of the three women and felt she did the best job of "handling" her patron.

All in all not a bad set of stories but as usual my only complaint with shorts is that they are too short to provide any real character depth or growth.