The Mummy Case - Elizabeth Peters I had difficulty with all the religious fervor in this installment though I absolutely loved Ramses. What a precocious character! Amelia and Emerson were just dying to get back to excavating in Egypt and at 4 years old (or maybe 5), they figured now was a good time to indoctrinate Ramses into tombs and mummies. Ramses may be a young child but he is wise and knowledgeable beyond his age. His little diatribes were truly hysterical until someone cut him off of course (usually Amelia) though I admit that his speech impediment got to be rather annoying especially as it didn't appear while he was pontificating. I truly look forward to further adventures involving the intrepid Ramses. As long as they leave the religious nutcases out of it. I surely wanted to murder that insufferable Brother Ezekiel. Ugh I just wanted to scream whenever he made an appearance. And Sister Charity should have popped him one right upside his sanctimonious head.

I'm finally reading this series in order and [b:Lion in the Valley|40495|Lion in the Valley (Amelia Peabody, #4)|Elizabeth Peters||918115] is up next.