"N" is for Noose (Kinsey Millhone #14) - Sue Grafton I liked the story itself but hated the narrator, Mary Peiffer. She mispronounced the city names, read too fast and provided zero inflection so everything was flat and monotone. She was unable to vary her voice so all female characters sounded the same which made it difficult to follow conversations. I could tell male from female characters but that was it. I must have picked up a cut-rate production from the library because the audio listed on GRs shows Judy Kaye as the narrator but this wasn't that production. Judy Kaye does a phenomenal job being Kinsey Millhone.

Kinsey is hired to find out why Selma Newquist's husband was acting strangely before his unexpected death. As always, I liked how Kinsey thought. She works methodically and usually thinks outside the box which provides interesting and quick results. The only character I actually liked besides Kinsey was her landlord, Henry Pitts - he's such a sweetie. I thought this one was rather suspenseful and had a real feel of danger.