Chopping Spree (Goldy Culinary Mysteries, Book 11) - Diane Mott Davidson I had trouble getting into this one. I think it was because the focus on food and cooking was too much. It eclipsed the mystery and everything else. And don't get me started on Arch! WTH is Goldy thinking allowing a 15 year old to dictate to her and with that attitude? (My mother would have beat the stuffings out of me for half of what he did.) Especially after surviving an abusive husband (Arch's father). Not only did she allow his disrespect, she rewarded him too! I just didn't get it. Yeah I guess it's easier to give in than to parent but once you start a kid on that route, it's much more difficult to turn him/her around.

I found it annoying when Goldy made negative comments about Marla's delinquent son, Teddy. Where does she think her own kid is headed? I found Goldy to be overly negative and petty in this installment. I will continue the series because on the whole, I like her attempts at detecting and her long-suffering cop husband (when is he going to get a backbone?) It's kind of funny when he's doing the cooking and she's playing the cop.