Tiger's Quest - Colleen Houck I originally gave this book 4 stars because I found the beginning boring and slow but in light of the ending I see where that section was important so I upped my rating to 5 stars. When Ren is captured by Lokesh, Kelsey and Kishan travel to India to rescue him and the quest begins. I enjoyed this quest more than the first. The fact that Kishan and Kelsey aren't lovers provided a different experience. They had more to concern themselves with than just finding the second treasure and removing another part of the curse. The emotional pull between them is very strong. I liked the addition of the love triangle - too bad this is a young adult novel or Kelsey could have them both. lol I love both Ren and Kishan so choosing between the two and wishing both find their HEA is very difficult. I will definitely be continuing the series. I must know how Ms. Houck weaves the trio back together and how the final two quests conclude.