Bookplate Special - Lorna Barrett As usual I enjoyed this installment of doings on in Stoneham, New Hampshire. I do wonder how Haven't Got A Clue bookstore survives as owner, Tricia Miles is never there, doesn't order stock or do anything business related. I guess Ginny is a real life-saver, er store saver.

Well in this one we get ex-college roommate Pammy Fredericks overstaying her welcome and getting kicked out of Tricia's house only to wind up dead in a dumpster that very same day. Of course, Tricia is feeling beyond guilty and promptly sets out to find her killer. We get Sheriff Grant Baker instead of Wendy Adams (the woman who hates Tricia with a passion) investigating so Tricia is happy until Baker tells her to mind her own business and let him do the investigating. That is like waving a red flag and Tricia takes the bull by the horns and thumbing her nose at Baker, once again sets off irritating people and sticking her nose where it doesn't belong.

I admit to finding the disgustingness (is that a word?) of dumpster diving off-putting and having picked this book up during lunch, promptly put it down again until I was finished eating. I did like the fact that Ms. Barrett addressed the obviously very real problem of hunger in this country and she used normal everyday people to express it not the homeless population. I found this aspect of the book very believable and it actually makes one feel guilty for having enough to eat.