The Girl Who Disappeared Twice - Andrea Kane I've read Andrea Kane in the past and really liked her books but this is the first that I've given less than 4 stars. It just didn't grab me like the previous books did. Maybe it was because there were just too many agencies involved (FBI, local cops, the CARD team (whoever they were), Forensic Instincts and a former FBI consultant) and instead of them all following different leads/directions, they were stumbling all over themselves in a pissing match all chasing the same thing (oh yeah they pretended to get along but the animosity was there and the holding back information too). I think it took way too long for these specialists to figure it out as I had it solved very early in the story. I mean really we're talking about a child abduction here so I expected better results especially from these "perfect" professionals. I didn't think the suspense level was up to par as a matter of fact I really didn't think it was at all suspenseful. The story just plodded along with Forensic Instincts doing various illegal things to get results but ultimately not getting the job done fast enough.

I totally agree without another reviewer, the title is inaccurate and totally gives away the twist.

I did like the idea behind Forensic Instincts and thought it had lots of promise. I also really liked Casey, Ryan and Mark so I will definitely read the next in the series [b:The Line Between Here and Gone|13261492|The Line Between Here and Gone|Andrea Kane||18463012]. I would love to have Ryan or Mark's POV along with Casey. I also like the new additions to the team Claire and Hero; though I'm on the fence about Patrick as I didn't really see anything spectacular from him in this one.