The Lightning Thief - Rick Riordan I really liked the idea of the story but found that I didn't particularly like the main characters (Annabeth and Grover). I did like Percy but once he arrived at the Half-Blood camp I thought his successful quest was ridiculous as he didn't get any training at all and suddenly he's a hero defeating Gods and monsters alike. Even for a fantasy kids book, it seemed a little too gratuitous. Especially since the other demigods have been training for years and one (Annabeth) hadn't been on a quest yet and the other (Luke) failed his quest. And yet here comes Percy and suddenly everything is okay and he has 10 days to save the world. Really? He has zero respect for the Greek Gods and little to no training yet he's off on a quest across the country (did you forget that he's 12?) with two other teenagers. My unbelievability meter was pinging off the charts.

If you can suspend your sense of disbelief while reading about Percy and his adventures, you should like this book though don't be surprised by the similarity to the Harry Potter series. It's blatantly obvious that Mr. Riordan "borrowed" a few plot points from Ms. Rowling. That isn't exactly a bad thing as Harry Potter is a first-rate series but I think Mr. Riordan needs to bring young Percy closer to reality in his dealings with the Gods. After all, they may be all-knowing all-seeing but Percy certainly isn't.

I liked that he wasn't a perfect kid (to start anyway). Percy's dyslexic and ADHD so he has a very difficult time in school. I really liked how this was explained...very creative.

Don't get me wrong, this book was rather enjoyable in a childish way though I don't think I will be continuing the series.