The Postcard Killers - James Patterson, Liza Marklund NYPD detective Jacob Kanon teams up with the Swedish reporter, Dessie Larsson to stop a pair of murderous serial killers on a crime spree through Europe. Oh you ask, why is a New York cop investigating murder in Europe? Well his daughter Kimmy was one of the first victims and he is hell-bent on finding her killer. Unfortunately there is nothing to admire (or even like) about Jacob Kanon. He is frequently drunk, filthy dirty and more deranged than not. While Dessie Larsson is the complete opposite. I found it interesting that Dessie actually came to care about Jacob since there is nothing remotely attractive about his person. I know every murder mystery has to have a romantic angle but these two were polar opposites and a relationship just wasn't believable.

I liked the fast-pace and the determination of Kanon but I felt as if the ending was rushed and a tad bit unrealistic there's just no way Dessie and Jacob could have beat the killers to Finland as they got a much later start and stopped at Dessie's childhood home along the way. The killers certainly didn't stop for a chat with the locals. Regardless, I thought the story was well-done, though brutal and violent. I must say that I actually liked Gabriella better than Dessie and thought she would have made a terrific heroine but certainly not with Jacob.

I did have an issue with the audiobook I listened to though. I hate when the production uses different people for each chapter because the voice of the characters change every time the reader does. For instance, in one chapter Dessie is speaking and the voice that had become Jacob's is now a flat female one instead. And the same with the other characters in each chapter. It's difficult to keep track of who's who when the voice repeatedly changes. It's much easier to follow when a characters voice is consistent thorough out.

Accents changed depending on the reader, the man doing the killer's POV was smarmy and obnoxious a