Biting Cold - Chloe Neill I'm one of those who love/hate this series. As I'm reading I wonder why the heck I'm reading this drivel again but by the end of the book I'm invested once again. I have serious issues with the whole Merit/Ethan relationship. I'm sick and tired of Ethan's stalling and it's too dangerous to be together BS. This plotline has been used to death and nothing good has come from it yet. Ethan is back from the dead and still nothing. WTH? There are so many other fine guys in Chicago - Jonah for one - so why does Merit put up with Ethan's crap? There's nothing special about him. Oh yeah sure he has pretty green eyes and a rockin' bod but where's the love, where's the personality? I just don't get it.

I did enjoy seeing more of Catcher and Jeff. But I wish the plot focused on one thing and not so much happening at once. That really stretched believability to the limits. I'm a masochist so I'm sure I'll be reading the next one...eventually.