No Mercy - Lori G. Armstrong When Mercy Gunderson was 18 she lit out of small town South Dakota like her pants were on fire and stayed gone (for twenty years) until forced to return by her father's death and her military injury. Mercy does not like the ranching life and hasn't decided to remain until someone starts threatening her family. When bodies start piling up on her property she doesn't trust the local sheriff to investigate and takes it upon herself to find out why teenage Indian boys are being murdered.

I like who dun it mysteries and that part of the book was interesting but Mercy has a major attitude problem and constantly goes looking for trouble. She's also an alcoholic so that really doesn't help things either. I didn't particularly like Mercy (nor any other character either). She is a major hardass and won't let anyone close to her. She was a top-notch sniper in the military so her gun(s) are always with her and she doesn't hesitate to use them. She's not exactly what I would call a heroine!

The only reason I read this book was because I needed something set in South Dakota. It's possible that I will read another Mercy book if I again need something set here but if not, I won't be returning to this pissant town.