Warrior - Zoe Archer I loved this series starter though I do hope future installments expand the steampunk thing. I find the geegaws and gadgets they create fascinating and hope that Catallus Graves brings many more interesting items to bear. I loved the hero, Gabriel Huntley. He's one of those ex-military guys who actually has honor and loyalty. *gasp* He comes to the help of a lone man getting his butt kicked by a gang and embarks on a mission without a clue to what he was getting involved in. What an interesting guy! I liked Thalia Burgess too. She's my kind of heroine. I hate those wimpy, simpy Victorian girls! Thalia is outspoken, in charge of her own destiny, is her own person and can defend and protect herself...mostly. The instant attraction between Gabriel and Thalia promised steamy pages and delivered. I can't wait to read the further adventures of the Blades of the Rose.