Unearthly - Cynthia Hand Meet Clara Gardner - part-angel with a mission (or Purpose as it's described in this book). Clara has a vision of a mysterious boy who she apparently has to save or suffer dire consequences. Since the boy (Christian) lives in Wyoming and Clara in California, Clara's family has to move to be on hand when the crisis occurs. Clara and her brother Jeffrey enter a new school and as most young adult novels go, Clara is not immediately liked -though her brother is- and she falls in with the "invisible" crowd. Teen angst doesn't play a big role in this story as Clara is way too busy training for her great rescue mission and learning to fly.

I liked Clara and her two friends Angela and Wendy. I really liked Tucker but I thought there was something off about Christian though I guess it could just be aloofness. I liked the slow leakage of angel facts though a few hints to the real purpose might have been helpful. I thought the mother's silence on her Purpose was bizarre but hopefully this is something that will become clearer in a future book. I'm also wondering what's up with Jeffrey and where exactly did he go during the fire?