Spare Change - Bette Lee Crosby The basic premise of the book is two-fold. Olivia Ann Westerly unbelievably superstitious of the number 11, is finally marrying for the first time at 58 years old. (I laughed out loud at some of them.) She had a life to live and never wanted kids hanging off her skirts. Well her life was never the same after her honeymoon.

Ethan Allen on the other hand had a very rough start to life. His mother is indifferent to his birth and his parents fight like it's a contact sport. He is subjected to horrifying experiences right up until they are murdered right before his eyes. Poor Ethan Allen knows his life is in danger and hightails it (on foot) to his grandpa's house 200 miles away.

Of course Olivia is his grandmother and wanting kids or not, she feels obligated to look after her husbands grandson. The only problem she has besides the obvious is that Ethan Allen is 11 years old. Yup her superstitions are coming home to roost.

In full disclosure I must admit that the author approached me with a free copy of her book for an honest review. This is not the type of book I usually read as I don't intentionally read anything overtly religious. Regardless of the inspirational feel to this novel and the minor preachiness (is that a word?), I enjoyed it. I loved poor little Ethan Allen and wanted to beat the stuffing out of his parents for being such abysmal human beings. Talk about selfish and amoral.

The only issue I had with the book was the 32 year jump at the end. I was really invested in Ethan Allen and really wanted to see how he reached that point but I figure it would have gotten all religious on me so I'm actually glad the author jumped us forward. All in all, a terrific feel-good story that will tear your heart out and knit it back together again.