Howl's Moving Castle - Diana Wynne Jones I am definitely in the minority here. I didn't find anything enjoyable about this book. I found it boring and the characters just boring and stupid. For absolutely no reason Sophie gets turned into a 90 year old woman by the scary Witch of the Waste. She accepts this like nothing has happened and just walks away from her home. WTF? She enters the moving castle and refuses to leave. Again WTF! And the pathetic Wizard Howl allows her to stay? She goes from being a mild mannered (doing whatever she is told by her step mother) into a grouchy, bossy, and nosy old crone. It's like she suddenly develops a split personality. Where did the likable Sophia go?

This is the first I've read by this author which is sad as I have other books by her and now I'm not sure I actually want to read them.